Welcome to the Philadelphia/Atlantic City Chapter of NEWH – the Hospitality Industry Network.

It is my absolute honor and privilege to be your 2015 Chapter President.  Luckily –  am fortunate to have a strong and supportive Executive Board to assist me and our efforts this upcoming year.

Since our chapter’s inception in 2008, a strong foundation of professionalism and scholarship has been deeply imbedded into our mission statement and in our organization.  It is the Executive Board’s goal this year to continue the momentum established thus far, launching new programs and events to further bring our message to life.

As a practitioner – I have had the extreme privilege of working with top level design firms and hotel operators – who have mentored and forged me into the hospitality professional I am today.

As an educator – it is my responsibility to bring my knowledge and experience into the classroom, cultivating young talent further enhancing the hospitality profession.

I absolutely love what I do and it is this passion that empowers my efforts every day – both professionally and personally.   Those that know me, know that these worlds are truly blurred.

I recently returned from NEWH’s 2015 Leadership Conference – my first NEWH presidential opportunity – where I was inspired by the people I met and the programs I participated in.  One of the greatest take–aways from the conference that I could not wait to share with everyone, is a discussion that took place about the true and wonderful value of being a NEWH member.     Everyone who is a member, no matter who they are, was able to give positive testimonials when asked, about how NEWH has positively changed them and their careers – resulting in the resolution that NEWH equals “ACCESS”.   Think about it – as a designer, being a NEWH member provides you ACCESS to new projects, continued educational sessions, new products and manufacturer representative contacts.  As an operator, being a NEWH member affords you ACCESS to new talent, products and purchasing liaisons and as a student,  a NEWH membership, allows you ACCESS to new employment opportunities, educational funding and scholarship.   What a truly fabulous organization we are associated with!

Thank you again for allowing me to be your NEWH Chapter President and mentor in 2015.   Please become a member today and help keep our organization alive and well.  This year promises to include fun, yet inspirational events fostering new and lasting professional relationships and knowledge.  I can’t wait to begin!

Karen Pelzer, IDEC, NEWH 2015 AC|Philadelphia Chapter President
Associate Director of MS Interior Architecture + Design Program
Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design
Department of Architecture + Interiors
Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA