NEWH was proud to present awards of high achievement to future members of our industry. NEWH Scholarships are about telling meaningful stories and creating lasting relationships. See our recipients story’s below.

NEWH  awarded two $7,500 NEWH Leadership Scholarships. The recipients were Delaney O’Brien, a Interior Architecture major and Caio Viviani, Food and Restaurant Management major. Also awarded was the NEWH BrandED/Hyatt Hotel Corporation scholarship to Lauren Hart, a Hospitality Management major.

Delaney O’Brian
Interior Architecture
University of Tennessee – Knoxville
Caio Viviani
Culinary Arts & Hospitality Studies
City College of San Francisco
Lauren Hart
Hospitality Management
University of Alabama
I grew up in a small beach town in Maryland, 45 minutes away from…

I grew up in a small beach town in Maryland, 45 minutes away from Washington D.C. Every year around Christmas, my family would take a trip to the Gaylord Hotel in the National Harbor. This hotel mesmerized me; the interior felt like a different world and gave me the most amazing memories. I quickly learned I wanted to somehow create these worlds and memories for other people. Most people assumed that interior design was limited to residential design, and honestly, I did too. When I was a sophomore in high school, I had the opportunity to shadow Aliya Khan, the VP of Design at Marriott International. In just one day, I learned so much about the world of hospitality design, and instantly fell in love. I soon began searching for design programs, and the University of Tennessee’s interior architecture program was perfect.

The University of Tennessee’s interior architecture program has given me so many intimate learning opportunities, in and out of the classroom. During my freshman year of college, I joined the club lacrosse team, started a serving job, joined the professional club, IA Collaborative, and rushed Alpha Chi Omega. I quickly discovered my passion for the Knoxville community and became involved as Philanthropy Chair in IA Collaborative and Community Service Chair in Alpha Chi Omega. I soon had myself and other students within both organizations involved in so many enriching volunteer opportunities. With IA Collaborative, I created a strong partnership with Knoxville Botanical Gardens, more specifically their community gardens. Throughout the school year, we would tend and harvest these gardens, with the harvested food going to a local food bank. With Alpha Chi Omega, I worked to create an even stronger connection with our philanthropy, Knoxville YWCA, which gives financial, emotional, and legal help to women and children facing domestic violence. We set up multiple opportunities to aid the women’s housing program and the after-school program at the Phyllis Wheatley Center. IA Collaborative and Alpha Chi Omega have given me so many rewarding experiences that have aided others. Unfortunately, this upcoming year I will have to be less involved in community service efforts due to working two jobs to pay for college and various expenses. After finishing my undergraduate in interior architecture, I plan to stay to pursue my Master of Architecture. After graduation, I hope to work for a large, global company where I can focus on sustainability in hospitality design. I would love to work for a firm that believes in aiding the local community in various ways.


My name is Caio Cezar Viviani, and I am international student from…

My name is Caio Cezar Viviani, and I am international student from Brazil, recently graduate in Culinary Arts & Hospitality program at City College of San Francisco and pursuing a Food Service Management degree. I graduated in 2012 in business administration at Mogi das Cruzes University in Brazil. In Brazil, I was a bank administrator for six years and realized that I was unhappy. I came to the U.S. to experience a new culture and build a new life. In the U.S., the necessity of cooking for myself became my passion. After three years of learning English, I enrolled in City College of San Francisco’s Culinary Arts & Hospitality program. The culinary program changed my life and gave it a new purpose.

I love being part of the food industry and being able to spread my happiness and love though the cooking and dining experience. It feels fantastic sharing that feelings with people. Service, respect, passion, happiness, positive energy and more are all factors that made me choose this career. Having an opportunity to share Brazilian cuisine with American people is what drives my career. Since I started the program, I am learning from and taught every single person who crossed my path new techniques, new ingredients and new flavors. My background in business administration has allowed me to practice great leadership and management as well. I can help with improvements in recipes, creating new products, creating different tastes, and introducing new ideas to people’s lives and this industry.

In 2020 intern at Brazuca Brazilian Food truck. I had the opportunity of applying all the classroom knowledge and techniques to a true work environment gaining experience and accumulating knowledge. The experience made even more passionate for the food industry.

If I get this scholarship, I intend to go further on my studies having a Food Service Management degree in order to amplify opportunities, people connections and knowledge. I will keep applying all the classroom knowledge and techniques to a true work environment looking forward to work in a vary areas of restaurants: back of the house, front of the house service, as well as learning food costing and accounting. I hope all these experiences will lead me to opening my own restaurant soon.

I awarded the NEWH – The hospitality Industry Networking scholarship in 2018 and I know it is the incentive that I need to make my dreams come true. It would allow me to move forwards with my studies and start my professional career as a chef. This scholarship would provide much needed support to my career, allow me to meet more people in the food industry and provide a level of confidence that I can truly reach my dreams. I am very determined to fulfill my dreams. I cannot do it without outside help. I take this opportunity very seriously. Should I receive an award, I promise to represent NEWH – The hospitality Industry Networking, its sponsors, my instructors, my classmates, and the industry well. Thank you for your time and consideration.

My name is Lauren Hart and I am from Orange Beach, AL. I began my…

My name is Lauren Hart and I am from Orange Beach, AL. I began my education at Coastal Alabama Community College in Fall 2016 and graduated from there in May 2018 with an Associate’s Degree in Hospitality Management. I decided to continue my education at The University of Alabama where I received my Bachelor’s Degree and am working toward my Master’s Degree. I hope to graduate with my Master’s degree in May 2022.Shortly before enrolling at Coastal Alabama Community College, I started working in the condominium sector in Orange Beach, AL for Brett-Robinson Gulf Corporation as an entry-level Front Desk Associate. Within 18 months I was promoted to Front Desk Manager. In 2019 I was promoted again to On-Site manager and had the opportunity to help open a new-construction condominium for Brett-Robinson, Phoenix Orange Beach. I have since been promoted again to work in the Brett-Robinson Construction office as a Construction Coordinator. To learn more about the company I work for, please visit and

My goals after graduation include working with Brett-Robinson Construction to help develop new condominium properties on the Alabama Gulf Coast. I also have dreams of teaching Hospitality Management to students at the graduate level. Another goal is to work with an international hotel chain such as Disney or Marriott in another country. I really enjoy project management, so I would like to stay in new-construction properties to help develop and open them.

I was prompted to choose this career because I love helping people! I thrive on problem­ solving and a job well done. This industry is a lot of fun and keeps me challenged and engaged. I love that I get to work in a fun destination every day and that I am having a positive impact on the day to day operations of my organization. It makes me happy to solve problems and do a good job for my company.

When the Covid-19 Pandemic hit last year, I was a rental manager at Phoenix Orange Beach. I was deemed essential and reported to work dutifully throughout the entire shutdown, very busy summer, and highly challenging Fall when Hurricane Sally hit. We had severe staffing issues due to the pandemic. Mangers were required to pick up all of the slack. I was there, working 50-60-hour weeks, for my organization with a smile. Behind the scenes during this time my children were unable to go to school due to the pandemic. I would come home from work and do virtual school with them at night, and work on my classes at The University of Alabama. In the Fall, when Hurricane Sally hit my house flooded. I lost everything overnight and me and my 2 daughters had to move in with my mom. Throughout that entire ordeal, I was able to maintain my job, take care of my daughters and their education and activities, and still managed to make A’s in my classes at UA and graduate with my Bachelor’s in December of 2020. All of this to say, 2020 was a challenging year but I was able to persevere and display leadership throughout all of these situations.

Obtaining this scholarship is very important to me. I am a single mom of two girls who does not get child support. I decided to go back to school after my divorce and it has been such a great thing for me and my girls. I want to show them that with hard work and a dream you can do anything! I also have maxed out my Pell grants so I must pay out of pocket entirely for the rest of my school. It is critical that I get this scholarship.

If my application is not accepted, I will have to take out more student loans. I prefer not to do that, but if that is what it takes to get my degree, then I will have to do it. I am determined to succeed. Thank you for this opportunity.


A great big THANK YOU to our sponsors for underwriting this wonderful event!