PANAZ USA Inc – Various Territories

Searching for Area Sales Executives for these areas:

  • Philadelphia and New Jersey
  • New York Tristate


Job Title: Area Sales Executive
Main Purpose of Job: To identify, pursue and sales for Panaz Inc
Hours of Work: 9:00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday, plus additional hours as required
Responsible to: East Coast Sales Manager
Medical Plan: Participating Medical Plan Provided


To employ your previous experience and expertise within fabric sales to promote the PANAZ brand, expand Panaz’s relationships with existing clients and to identify and establish new relationships with target accounts.

Main tasks of the job:

  • To be aware of the territory sales and margin targets and operate and direct activities with a view to achieving these.
  • To identify and visit architects and designers operating within the Hospitality sector. Obtain specifications and monitor them through to purchase.
  • To update CRM with regards to client activities, contacts (including telephone numbers and email addresses), sampling placed, projects opened, appointments made, etc.
  • To network with Furniture manufacturers and sales forces with a view to consolidating Panaz relationships with these clients and promote our product and obtain specifications.
  • To work closely with your direct line manager to cover the various routes to market and offer sales support.
  • To feed back to the National Sales Manager and General Manager on trends within the sector.

Responsibilities and Tasks

Product and technical knowledge

  • To acquire and maintain complete knowledge of the Company’s range of products and services;
  • To acquire and maintain up-to-date information concerning competitors’ products, services, pricing policies and activities in the market.

Planning and organization
To optimise use of Company time by effective planning of the working week, within the context of sales and project leads generated by self, through networking, or by the Company’s CRM and Marketing functions

  • To maintain up-to-date records and information covering all customers in detail, within the framework of the CRM function;
  • To maintain an up-to-date working file containing relevant memoranda, sales bulletins and general information;
  • To maintain up-to-date literature, sales aids, samples and price lists;
  • To complete and return paperwork required by the Company such as expense sheets and enquiry/quotation requests in the format required by the Company;
  • To monitor clients’ usage of sample books and loose samples in relation to sales generated;
  • To provide the National Sales Manager and General Manager with a sales report on a monthly basis in the format and within deadlines required by the Company;
  • To understand the Company policy on Quality;
  • To be responsible for the quality of own work;
  • To act ethically towards customers, suppliers and colleagues;
  • To abide by applicable Health & Safety regulations;
  • To report occurrences which have affected, or may affect, the quality of the Company’s products or services.

Selling skills

  • To locate every prospective client for the Company’s products or services in the defined geographical territory, by whatever means;
  • To obtain specifications and orders from existing customers and new customers by providing a satisfactory presentation of the Company’s products and services with a positive close to such presentations, and answering to the satisfaction of the customer such questions or objections as may be raised;
  • To improve selling and promotional skills and activity by a) preparing beforehand the sequence and manner of selling activity for each client encountered and b) analysing past presentations and meetings with a self-critical approach designed to learn from both mistakes and successes;
  • To ensure customer satisfaction by providing liaison with relevant colleagues in other departments of the Company, and following up where appropriate by ensuring the client is satisfied with the service provided by those colleagues;
  • To assist in obtaining payment from clients wherever necessary and appropriate, and to clarify any queries or misunderstandings which may have held up payment;
  • To assist in the resolution of any disputes relating to quality or service;
  • To recognise the importance of social activities and networking in raising the profile of the Company in general, and developing relationships with clients in particular, and to act as an ambassador for the Company in such social settings;
  • To participate wherever required in exhibitions, presentations, and other such events.

Market research

  • To provide continual feedback through completion of formal reports concerning a) the image and profile of the Company held by customers, competitors and the trade in general; b) the acceptance of the Company’s products and services in general; c) the existence of any sales opportunities not being exploited by the Company; d) such factors within and outside the industry as may influence the Company in the future (e.g. economic conditions, furnishing trends, changes in legislation)
  • To provide continual commentary on customers’ businesses, developments and marketing activities, particularly concerning their needs and where the Company’s existing range of products is concerned;
  • To provide feedback concerning competitors’ overall marketing activity;
  • To act upon leads generated by the Company’s CRM/Marketing functions, and to provide feedback within the required format;
  • To recognise the importance of networking within the industry in securing new sales opportunities, and to engage actively in networking with selected representatives of other non-competing companies in the Healthcare field.

Company Quality Policy

  1. To understand the Company policy on Quality.
  2. To be responsible for the quality of own work.
  3. To act ethically towards customers and suppliers.
  4. To abide by the applicable Health & Safety rules.
  5. To report occurrences which have affected, or may affect, the quality of products or services.
  6. To participate in own personal development and maintain records.
  7. To be familiar with the applicable quality system documents and work according to the latest versions.
  8. To maintain those Quality System documents where the job holder is indicated as the author and to approve those documents where indicated as the approver (see the Document Lists held in the Quality System).

This Job description is intended to be flexible and may be reviewed periodically as the job or Company grows. Jobholder’s are expected to be flexible and be prepared to carry out similar tasks required which do not fall within the scope of the specific duties. This Job Description will be amended in discussion with the Post Holder.

Objectives and Appraisals
Specific objectives relating to the Post Holder’s work will be formally established in discussion with the National Sales Manager and General Manager and will be amended in discussion with the Post Holder.

Interested candidates, please reply to:

Company Name: Area Sales Executive
Contact Email:
City: Various Territories
Country: USA
Job Title: Area Sales Executive
Job Type: Full-Time
Must Manage Others: No