Expanko – Various Territories


Perform the duties of an Agent for the Expanko Products. Key responsibility is generating specifications through sales calls and presentation to Architectural & Design Firms, General Contractors, Owners, End Users and Installation Contractors/Dealers. Support the specification through the sales as well as updating libraries, processing and following up on samples request, providing material quotes to contractors, job site visits, support in collections issues, etc.


New England, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts


Heirloom, Prestige, XCR4, Reztec, Vallarex, CorkCore LVT, Sereniti

Expanko will offer you product knowledge support, and training on pricing, freight quotes, sample processing and literature.

Sally Reis, Expanko General Manager

Company Name: Expanko
Contact Email: sreis@liquidelements.com
City: Various Territories
Country: USA
Job Title: Independent Sales Agent
Job Type: Full-Time
Must Manage Others: No