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DesignAgency is one of the most distinguished design studios in Canada and our services are widely sought after, with clients in more than 26 cities and 9 countries worldwide. Our global success is based on our high level of design excellence and our ability to create special environments through narratives developed with the client. Working for leading companies, developers and hospitality groups, our clients work directly with one or more of our partners, reflecting our belief that great design requires leadership, focus and commitment.

/DesignAgency is seeking qualified candidates for an immediate opening with our firm for the role of Interior Designer – Technical. /DesignAgency relies on Interior Designer – Technical to produce top-quality design, tender and construction drawings and documentation; ensure code and regulatory compliance; and participate in quality control processes. Interior Designer – Technical may be required to act as job captains for small projects and project components. The firm expects Interior Designer – Technical to develop expertise in technical and design drawing, building codes and standards, construction practices and standards, detailing and materials, and sound environmental practices. They are expected to consult with more senior designers and technologists when they encounter technical challenges or issues with clients, suppliers, contractors or site conditions. They will be recognized for their ability to contribute to effective design teams.

Development pathway

To be considered for advancement, an Interior Designer – Technical should be able to demonstrate consistent:

  • Excellence in project management in clients’ interests
  • Excellence in project management in the firm’s interests
  • Contributions to the development of skills, knowledge and attitudes in the studio
  • Improvements in technical standards, methods and production processes
  • Outstanding contributions to quality assurance
  • Ability to collaborate creatively with designers, consultants and contractors in the studio and on site

Achievement of professional credentials such as NCIDQ and AIA will be taken into account in promotion and compensation decisions, and preparatory studies or test costs may be eligible for firm support.

Role and responsibilities


  • Produce high-quality drawing and documentation sets that reduce rework, errors and omissions
  • Master, apply and comply with relevant codes, regulations and standards
  • Maintain consistent and high-quality minutes, reports, orders and records
  • Maintain high-quality documentation practices
  • Learn to solve technical, materials and construction problems elegantly and effectively
  • Develop familiarity with site conditions and construction practices
  • Develop skills in site supervision and site problem-solving
  • Actively contribute to the design dialogue in the firm


  • Safeguard the interests of clients and the firm in interactions with consultants, suppliers and contractors
  • Contribute to the development of standards, specifications and details that promote design quality, buildability and durability of projects
  • Contribute to the development of quality assurance processes for the firm
  • Promote awareness of changes in codes and regulations
  • Promote awareness of excellent materials, techniques, suppliers and contractors
  • Create sound relationships with colleagues, contractors and suppliers


  • Demonstrate excellent personal time management


The successful candidate will be in possession of a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture or equivalent, with at least three years of working experience, and will need to have an understanding of ADA and IBC building codes. The Intermediate Interior Architect must have working experience with AutoCAD. Hospitality design experience required. These are the minimum requirements for this position, with all other experience being advantages for the successful candidate.

We offer an extremely competitive base salary and the opportunity for growth within the company. If you believe that this could be a perfect fit for you, please send your resume immediately, or if you know the perfect person for this position then feel free to forward this correspondence. All applications will be kept in the strictest of confidence.

Please include a portfolio with your resume to apply.

Candidates can apply on our website:

Company Name: DesignAgency
Website: apply on our website here:
City: Los Angeles
State: CA
Country: USA
Job Title: Intermediate Designer: Technical
Job Type: Full-Time
Must Manage Others: No