NEWH Code of Ethics

    A member who is elected or appointed to one of these positions acquires a second set of rights and responsibilities, in addition to those which are theirs as a general member.


    It is the right of NEWH, Inc. Leaders to:

      Receive adequate and competent direction and support from other leaders of the organization;
        Have the support and cooperation of the membership of the organization;
          Depend on the membership to accord them the courtesies of meeting protocol and group etiquette; and
           Expect support of the industry when organization sponsored events serve industry interests.
          As an NEWH, Inc. Leader it is their responsibility to:
           Know the duties of the position to which they were elected or appointed;
           Review the tenets and objectives of the organization;
           Review the NEWH, Inc. By-Laws and Board Handbook for policies of the organization and the position to which they were elected
          or appointed;
           Act with the care that a reasonably prudent person in a similar position would use to perform their duties under similar circumstances,
          and must perform their duties in good faith and in a manner they reasonably believe to be in the best interest of NEWH, INC.;
           Use disciplined judgment in making fiscal decisions;
           Refrain from engaging in personal activities which would injure or take advantage of NEWH, INC.;
           Not use their position of trust and confidence to further their private interests;
           Study and practice good leadership skills and techniques;
           Serve all members, not just a selected few; and
           Bring genuine interest, enthusiasm and sufficient time to their duties to discharge their responsibly.
          They Will Not
           Realize secret profits or unfair gain through personal transactions with or on behalf of the NEWH, INC.;
           Compete with NEWH, INC. to its detriment;
           Usurp an opportunity of NEWH, INC.;
           Realize personal gain from use of material, non-public information; and
           Will avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest.
          NEWH Board Code of E thic s
          As a member of the Board of Directors of NEWH, Inc. or any of its chapters, I will:
           Represent the interest of all the people served by this nonprofit and not favor special interest inside or outside the organization
           Not use the nonprofit or my service on the board for my own personal advantage or for the advantage of my friends, relatives or
           Keep confidential information confidential
           Respect and support majority decisions by the board
           Approach all board issues with an open mind, prepared to make the best decisions for everyone involved
           Prior to election or appointment, disclose any personal, professional or legal matters that might reasonably cause embarrassment
          if subsequently associated with my NEWH leadership position, including without limitation any conviction of a felony or crime of
          moral turpitude, termination of employment for cause, and involuntary dismissal from a position of leadership in another nonprofit
           Do nothing to violate the trust of those who elected or appointed me to the board or those served
           Focus my efforts on the mission of this nonprofit and not on my personal goals
           Never exercise authority as a board member except when acting in a meeting with the full board or as I am delegated by the board
           Consider myself a “trustee” of this nonprofit corporation and do my best to ensure that it is well maintained, financially secure,
          growing and always opening in the best interest of those we serve
           I have read, understand and agree to abide by this Code of Ethics



    For the purpose of authentication, the name I have entered in the adjacent space is intended as my signature, by which I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the NEWH Leadership Agreement, NEWH Code of Ethics, NEWH Conflict of Interest/Disclosure Agreement/Questionnaire and NEWH Conflict of Interest Affirmation of Compliance.

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