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June 15, 2018
Contact: Monica Harrison
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NSBAIDRD New Path to Registration for Interior Designers through the CIDQ’s Alternative Review Process

The Nevada State Board of Architecture, Interior Design and Residential Design (NSBAIDRD) adopted an alternative path to registration for registered interior design candidates with a minimum requirement of a bachelor’s degree in interior design who did not graduate from a CIDA-accredited school. These individuals can now pursue licensure in Nevada through this new Alternative Review Process (ARP). Since the adoption, the Board has registered two interior designers who have gone through this alternative path and completed the entire process in less than four months. Currently, the traditional binder application, which is a longer process, could take up to a year from the time that the binder application is received by the Board.

“Becoming a registered interior designer has been a personal goal over the years. My experience with the new process was extremely positive, and I’m excited to take my career to the next level. Working through the new process with the NSBAIDRD team was a pleasure, and I highly recommend getting started”.- said Angie Gilmore, Registered Interior Designer, who was the first interior designer that applied for registration to the NSBAIDRD through the ARP program in 2017.

Through this program, registered interior design applicants who have the same competencies as measured by the traditional application path, but took an unconventional route to gain experience and education are provided another option to meet education requirements. Who can apply for the Alternative Review Program (ARP)?

  • Candidates who are unable to document the minimum requirements for either jurisdictional interior design registration, exam eligibility, or both.
  • Candidates who have a minimum of five years of work experience in interior design.
  • Candidates who are able to document competencies based on CIDQ standards in specific areas.
  • Candidates must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in interior design.

“I am excited that the Board was able to streamline the alternative review process for candidates who are unable to document the required CIDA accredited educational requirement, while still requiring the highest-level standards for professional Interior Designers.” – said Kimberly Ciesynski, Registered Interior Designer – NSBAIDRD Secretary/Treasurer.

The NSBAIDRD kindly requests that you share this information with anyone that may benefit from it including colleagues, interns, and students as we continue to work to find more ways to streamline the registration process in Nevada. Please visit CIDQ’s website at www.cidq/alternative-review-program for more information.