Ryerson University

350 Victoria Street
Toronto, ON M5B 2K3
(416) 979-5000

Ryerson University is among the few programs in Canada offering a four-year university degree in Interior Design. Our program stresses innovative design thinking, and the meaningful examination of design issues in contemporary life. Our educational philosophy encourages interdisciplinary studies and values diversity because responsible design of the constructed environment depends on a thorough knowledge of the arts, and sciences. From hands-on to theoretical explorations, from studio to lecture hall, from historical perspectives to futuristic thinking, our program expects students to become socially and environmentally responsible, culturally aware and committed to excellence. We believe that pragmatic and functional considerations, as well as technological advancements, must always be informed by a poetic sensibility and sensitivity to space. Interior Design is a profession and much more: designers make places for people, contribute to their wellbeing, and support their values, memories and dreams.

All students and graduates of the School benefit from our close relationship with the Association of Interior Designers of Ontario(ARIDO) and our FIDER accredited program. Our graduates become leaders in the field of interior design because of the strength of our curriculum, which stresses professional preparation, and the dedication of the faculty.

A Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies is planned for the near future with a field choice in Interior Design (post professional).

The School of Interior Design is part of the Faculty of Communication and Design which enjoys an enviable reputation, being recognized as providing much new talent for Canada’s cultural and communications fields. The Faculty awards degrees in Interior Design, Radio and Television Arts, Journalism, Image Arts, Fashion, Theatre, and Graphic Communication Management. All the schools in the Faculty attract creative students from across the country and around the world. Programs in media, design, and fine arts combine theory, practice and contextual studies, with emphasis on experiential learning in and beyond the classroom. The FCAD website at www.ryerson.ca/fcad includes a contact directory, student and faculty achievements, and announcements such as upcoming FCAD performances, exhibitions, festivals, lectures and shows.