The Marlowe Company

16352 Lauder Lane
Dallas, TX 75248-2349
(972) 732-7320
Contact: Aaron Marlowe

Since its humble beginnings in 1987, The Marlowe Company has grown to be one of the premier manufacturer’s representative groups in the nation. We represent some of the nation’s leading manufacturers of furniture and furnishings for the Hospitality Industry. These companies build a wide range of products from chairs to beds and from lamps to lounges. Whether you need thousands of chairs for a convention center or casino, chairs for a dining room, beds, lamps or accessories for your guest rooms, furnishing for your patio or any thing in between, chances are, The Marlowe Company can help. Please browse through this site. Most of our factories have their own extensive web sites and you can visit them via their page links here. If you need any additional information, catalogs or even samples, please don’t hesitate to contact The Marlowe Company.