5158 Duff Drive
West Chester, OH 45246
(513) 376-7182
Contact: Daniel Roberts

SLIM was founded as the solution to an awkward problem.
Working as a furniture mover while attending design school, it wasn’t long before SLIM founder, Mike Blair, realized the challenges of large, heavy, bulky furniture. Day-in and day-out Mike had to tell people “that ain’t going up there.” The experience inspired him to create something entirely new for the industry. SLIM Furniture is high-quality, durable furniture with the added advantage of being modular, easy to transport, and extremely easy to assemble (and disassemble).

Looking for a better furniture solution? Help has arrived. Discover the World’s Most Adaptable Furniture.

SLIM Furniture is a breakthrough in flexible modern seating that allows you to maximize your public space. You can quickly create comfortable, stylish seating arrangements anywhere, anytime with a patented design that simplifies set-up, transportation and storage.