Excellent communication, presentation, organization and customer relationships with strong attention to detail and follow through
skills to execute plans and programs. Proven ability to hire, train, motivate, and empower exceptionally loyal sales teams that develop
into top producers that regularly achieve corporate objectives. I have excellent time management skills and a strong ability to prioritize
and manage multiple tasks. I have an entrepreneurial spirit with a transparent leadership style and hands-on approach to getting
results and attaining goals. I am a persistent problem solver with a strong work ethic that is comfortable working independently. I am
a consistently high performer that applies innovative and creative business buildings ideas. I have strong computer skills using
Microsoft Office, Excel, and PowerPoint.

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First Name: Bea Jo
Last Name: Yerg
City: West Chester
State: PA
Country: USA
Willing to Relocate: Yes
Willing to Travel: Yes
Willing to Work Remotely: Yes