Later you to evening, Daniel reveals their vitality so you can Cassidy, Finn, and Jacob on woods close to Sean

Finn suggests playing with Daniel’s capability to break in to Merrill’s as well as take their currency, it is stopped by Cassidy, just who will not for instance the notion of related to children inside the package. Later on, Cassidy, Finn and the almost every other drifters throw a farewell team on brothers, Ingrid, and Anders.

Within the party, Sean chatspin sometimes talks to or perhaps is titled more of the Finn, who lies into table close to the river signal. Finn tries to encourage Sean commit plus the heist with the Merrill’s house, and Sean can choose to become listed on or opposed to it.


Immediately following rejecting the master plan, Sean is able to say his goodbyes into remainder of the new drifters. The guy at some point suits up with Cassidy and certainly will take up this lady offer from a tattoo to keep in mind their by. Upcoming, Sean thoughts right down to new river that have Cassidy and will like to participate their when you look at the slim-dipping. In the event that he really does, Sean tries to enter simply their lingerie before Cassidy tells him to take it all out-of, that he complies.

While they swimming, Cassidy complains throughout the Finn’s tip to the heist, following brings up his preference into the Sean. If Sean enjoys a premier experience of Cassidy, he has got the option of admitting their thoughts and revealing an excellent kiss along with her.

If Sean has a reduced reference to Cassidy, Sean can either give the lady he and you will Finn are just family members otherwise recognize he enjoys your, and therefore she takes on from

Once straight back on group, when the Cassidy enjoys kissed Sean, she invites him on this lady tent. If the the guy welcomes and you may gets in, it proceed to make love; after, Sean apologizes having not sufficient, that Cassidy ensures your one he’ll have time to apply. Once they hop out (or if Sean didn’t kiss Cassidy otherwise refused this lady promote), Hannah strolls to him or her and you may tells them she was not able to find Finn, prompting the two going immediately after your to cease their package. They visit the fresh parking area and you can inexpensive certainly one of the vehicles to get at Merrill’s family.

After during the cooking pot farm, Sean and you will Cassidy see Finn and Daniel planning to break into Merrill’s family area. Sean and you may Cassidy angrily admonish Finn when planning on taking Daniel to-do something so hazardous. Finn tries to encourage Sean one final time to become listed on your for the heist. If the Sean accepts, Cassidy will get aggravated in the both and you may departs our home. Sean, Finn and you will Daniel after that get into the fresh family area. In the event the Sean refuses, Daniel often express their outrage within Sean to own investing to far go out that have Cassidy, and will possibly hurt this lady along with his strength. Then he usually angrily explore his ability to crack the brand new lock of your own door leading to this new family area. Finn and you may Daniel up coming wade into the and you may Sean and you may Cassidy go to their rear to avoid her or him. The group becomes trapped by Merrill, that is carrying a beneficial shotgun and you will threatens her or him carrying these with a gunpoint. If the Sean failed to ruin the cars at parking area, Huge Joe arrives at the view and you can brings Cassidy having your when the she kept before. Merril informs the team to track down to their legs. Finn declines and you may attempts to speak his way to avoid it from it, hence angers Merrill and encourages him hitting him regarding the instinct to the right back out of their shotgun or to Large Joe so you’re able to capture your on foot in the event the he could be establish on world. Merrill following tells him or her you to even if he’s more youthful and you can can be study on errors, needed a training, and you will techniques a badly hurt Finn. A great distraught Daniel discusses Sean expectantly to have acceptance to use their ability to defend Finn.

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