Richard Drew  / Associated Press

Visitors view a 1906 trunk, displayed as part of the ‘Volez, Voguez, Voyagez,’ Louis Vuitton exhibit, in the former American Stock Exchange building, in New York’s Financial District. The luxury French brand, founded in the mid-19th century, is telling its story with a free, museum-like exhibition of artifacts, products and immersive displays. Richard Drew / Associated Press

Skift Take: Fashion-minded travelers and history buffs will no doubt want to flock to New York City to see this exhibit. But we have to wonder: Will there soon be a day when this luxury luggage goes more high-tech, too? Or should classics stay the same?

— Deanna Ting

As travel changed, so did luggage.

That’s the story told by an elaborate exhibition about the luxury luggage and fashion brand Louis Vuitton (v’wee-TOHN). The exhibition is running through January 7, 2018 at 86 Trinity Place in the former American Stock Exchange building in Manhattan.

The exhibition showcases the company’s history, designs, craftsmanship and products.

A series of museum-like galleries show how luggage designs changed with the evolution of travel. Bags and trunks were specifically designed first for transport by wagon, then for travel by sea, on trains, in cars and planes. The exhibition is called “Volez, Voguez, Voyagez” (voh-LAY, voh-GAY, voy-ah-ZHAY), which means fly, sail, travel.

Trunks and bags are behind glass like works of art. There’s even a room where artisans cut leather and snip threads for luggage tags and handles.

The exhibition is free to visit at 86 Trinity Place in Lower Manhattan through early January.