Purpose: The purpose of the Fellowship Membership is to establish the highest level of Membership for NEWH. This membership level will be the highest honor for any member involved with the organization and within the Hospitality Industry.

Criteria / Eligibility

  • A current member of NEWH that is currently and has been in good standing for 10 years.
  • Nominee must exhibit the highest level of ethical conduct and professionalism in the Hospitality Industry. Examples of these items must be included in the nomination form with 8 references from peers in the Hospitality Industry and at least 2 other references from outside of the Hospitality industry.
  • Nominee must have excellent leadership skills.
  • Nominee must have contributed to mentoring at least 2 individuals in the Hospitality Industry.
  • Nominee must have an exemplary career in the Hospitality Industry.

Nomination Process

A Fellowship nomination may be made in one of the following ways:

  • By Chapter – If by Chapter, the nomination must have the signature of 8 Professional NEWH Members in good standing, including the signature of the nominating Chapter’s President or President Elect, as well as the signatures from 2 individuals outside the Hospitality Industry.
  • By an NEWH Member or Fellow – The nomination must have the signature of 8 Professional NEWH Members in good standing, as well as, the signatures from 2 individuals outside the Hospitality Industry.

2018 Timeline

  • July 1 – Nominations open
  • October 1 – Deadline for candidates to submit nomination packet
  • November/December – Jury meets
  • January 15 – Fellow recipients informed
  • February 2019 – Fellow recipients recognized at the NEWH 2019 Leadership Conference

Submission Guidelines

Please click here for nomination packet. Nomination packet includes:

Section 1: Introduction

Profile: Nominee and Nominating Member Information
Fellowship nominations can be made by a chapter or by an individual NEWH member. The Nominator (i.e. the individual responsible for coordinating and submitting the online nomination materials) must be a NEWH member in good standing. In the case of a chapter submission, the nominating chapter will select a NEWH member to act as the nominator.

Statement of Achievement and Educational Background
The Statement of Achievement is limited to 250 words on one page, to include a list of the Nominee’s accomplishments which must show achievements on a National or International level in the area of Hospitality. The list should validate the contributions that the Nominee has made to NEWH and the Hospitality Industry.

Nominees complete Educational background information will be included.


Section 2: Documentation of Career and Personal Accomplishments

Part A: Involvement with NEWH, Inc.
The Nominee must include in this section 5 ways that they have had a leading role in NEWH at the Chapter Level or the International Level.

Part B: Leadership, Recognition and Knowledge
Nominee to include bulleted list of significant awards, honors, and recognition that the nominee has received throughout their career and include publications, books or research documents written by or about the nominee.

Part C: Service and Volunteerism
Nominee to include a bulleted list of their volunteer contributions and philanthropic participation


Section 3: Letters of Reference and Nominating Member Letter

Reference Signatures:
Nominations sponsored by the Chapter are to have 8 Letters of Reference from NEWH Members including one letter or Reference from the Nominating Chapter’s President or President Elect and 2 other references from outside NEWH/Hospitality Industry.

Self-Nomination or those sponsored by Individual NEWH members should include 8 Letters of Reference from NEWH members endorsing the nomination and 2 other references from outside NEWH/Hospitality Industry.


Nominations due October 1, 2018