NEWH ICON of Industry

The award celebrates the leaders of the manufacturing side of hospitality, those who have uniquely impacted the industry through their innovative work, consistently dedicated their time and efforts to community or industry outreach through education and/or corporate giving, and been doing business in hospitality for more than 30 years.  Participate in the ICON Tribute Book

NEWH Recognition of Excellence Award

The NEWH Recognition of Excellence Award will be given to an NEWH member who has contributed extraordinary time and effort to NEWH, has a minimum of ten years experience in the Hospitality Industry, has held a local Chapter or International Board position for at least one term, and has mentored four people in the industry, at least two of whom are women. The nominee must also have unquestioned professional ethics.

NEWH Joyce Johnson Award (chapter excellence award)

This award is given to an NEWH member in recognition of dedicated service to the affairs of the NEWH, Inc. and the pride demonstrated by exemplary contribution for the benefit of all the members of NEWH.

NEWH Woman of the Year

From 1985 – 2004 ,NEWH honored many outstanding woman, who had a positive influence on the Hospitality Industry, and who have mentored and promoted the advancement of women within our industry.


Since 2012, NEWH, Inc. has honored Top Interior Design firms in our chapter and regional communities. This exclusive recognition is NEWH’s way of supporting and promoting our Designer membership, not only in local communities as leaders in hospitality design, but also celebrated internationally across the vast network of professionals in the industry!