We need your expertise, knowledge and innovation to provide a healthier future for hospitality

NEWH is calling for products and services that will support the hospitality industry in the pursuit of providing a safer and healthier environment for guests and employees for all segments of the hospitality industry.

If your company has an active NEWH member we would welcome your submission to our review committee for the potential inclusion in our Healthy Hospitality Resource Directory located on the NEWH website.

What we are looking for?

Products, materials and processes that will improve the daily maintenance of interior environments related to fighting the intrusion and spread of virus or bacteria. New or existing products that possess resistant characteristics along with finishes or cleaning products that can be added to existing furniture, materials or finishes that will prohibit the spread or potentially kill viruses as aggressive as the corona-virus will be considered for the NEWH Healthy Hospitality Resource Directory. The Company’s environmental commitment and impact related to the products will also weigh into the consideration process.

How you can be included in this directory?

A review committee composed of leading brand executives and design principals that represent the best of the hospitality industry and possess extensive knowledge of the market segments and design process have joined together with a common vision to provide a directory of products, materials and services that have potential to provide solutions to the current challenges of cleanliness and health for their hospitality environments across the world.

You must be an NEWH active member and meet the criteria on the submission form on the NEWH website.

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Not a member yet? Join today!

Once approved, inclusion in the Healthy Hospitality Directory is currently free for NEWH Members – don’t miss this opportunity to be included!

Who benefits?

The products that are selected for inclusion in the directory will be promoted by NEWH as recommendations for design firms and hospitality companies to utilize in their search for relevant and applicable “health-related” resources. The directory will reside on the website with thousands of weekly visitors to review your products. In addition, NEWH will be promoting these new resources extensively through their website, magazine and media partners.

We all benefit from a safer, healthier environment for hospitality!

NOTE: NEWH Inc. nor its review committee members represent the products selected for the Healthy Hospitality resources as “endorsed” or “guaranteed” with the specific characteristics or performance requirements for application and code compliance to gain project inclusion. It is the responsibility of the design professionals and ownership to research and vet all products suitable for their intended use and project applications.