What is EDOnline?

EDOnline is an online resource guide for education content like white papers, CEUs, videos, articles, etc., created by NEWH members for the hospitality industry.

NEWH’s membership is loaded with product, industry, and design experts. Too often, the fruits of this collective brainpower are appreciated but not conserved to memory. Conference speeches can be powerful and never seen again. White papers are useful then recycled. CEUs celebrated, then scrapped to make room for more.

NEWH’s EDOnline is here to keep these educational resources close at hand – online, categorized, up-to-date, and accessible to members.

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Benefits for users:

Hosted on NEWH.org and free to all members, EDOnline will be a go to resource guide to the hospitality industry Designers, manufacturers, brands, educators, and students will be able to both survey the industry as well take a deeper dive into specific topics by accessing searchable and rich content.

Benefits for Contributors:

You are brilliant. Show us. Your white papers, videos, CEUs, trend articles, links to web pages, and research can have a greater reach and longer lasting presence as a part of the EDOnline library. Become a contributor, get noticed, and help others learn just a little more than before.

Contributing content is easy!

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Questions on EDOnline?

Contact one of our content editors (and fellow hospitality officionados) to learn more: