EDOnline Frequently Asked Questions

What is EDOnline?

EDOnline is an online resource guide for education content like white papers, CEUs, videos, articles, etc., created by NEWH members for to the hospitality industry.

What is considered appropriate educational content?

Appropriate educational content centers around knowledge regarding trends, challenges, issues, and processes relevant to hospitality designers, purchasers, brands, owners, vendors, architects and others. It is not merely a marketing piece, but it is rather a topic that worthy of deeper study that may have a specific product or service as a worthy solution.

What value does it provide?

EDonline curates, organizes, and preserves educational content in a way that is searchable and up-to-date. It captures the broad and deep knowledge of our subject matter experts and makes it accessible all NEWH members. Subject matter experts can reach more learners and new learners can find more resources quicker and easier than before. New designers can discover trends, new vendor representatives can understand the industry better, and experienced veterans can share their knowledge while brushing up on the basics.

Why should I contribute?

EDonline broadens the reach of your expertise in that it brings your work to a wider audience that can access it at any time, instead of in a one-time presentation or conference.

What can I contribute?

Education content includes, but is not limited to, CEUs, videos, articles, white papers, presentations, audio recordings, magazine articles, guides, links to online resources, Podcasts, and slide presentations.

What is the best way to contribute?

Visit our newh.org/edonline and fill out our content submission form. Contact any of our Curators for any questions about the process.

Will I get credit for my work?

Yes. You will be given credit online, space for a headshot, and a chance to submit biographical information.

How can I edit/remove my contributions?

Visit newh.org/edonline to inquire about removing content.

How much time will this take out of my schedule?

If this content is already created and appropriate, just an hour or so. Otherwise, our curators can help you with tips on how to create content that is a good fit.