Launched in 2012, “Green Voice” is the sustainable educational brand for NEWH. The success has been tremendous. Conferences around the country are looking to include NEWH Green Voice Conversations in their programs.

“Green Voice can bring together people from a variety of disciplines to create a unique conversation that appeals to everyone’s environmental common sense.”—DAVID MAHOOD

“When you come to a Green Voice seminar you are going to be hearing from experts in the field. I always come away from a Green Voice session with new insights and ideas that I can apply to my work.”—GARY GOLLA

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Attend NEWH Green Voice Conversations at BDNY Sunday, November 11th, 2018 11:00am -1:00pm in the NEWH booth


11:00 Adaptive Reuse in Hospitality: The Kimpton Gray Hotel

Go behind the scenes as a 120-year old high-rise (one of the firsts by the godfather of the skyscraper, architect William Lebaron Jenney) undergoes a full gut renovation. Gain insights into innovative adaptive reuse solutions that emphasize effective ways to save, salvage and restore centenarian spaces. Discover strategies for melding modern interiors into historic backdrops and greening the interior environment with energy efficient mechanicals and fixtures, LED lighting and smart controls without disturbing the patina of the building or the surrounding community.

Speaker: Matt Wolfe, Associate. Licensed Architect; CDT, LEED AP, Gensler
Moderator: Rachel Long, Director of User Development, Sandow Media, LLC.

11:30 Fitwel: Building Social Sustainability

Explore opportunities for social sustainability within the hospitality marketplace in a conversation with an experienced Sustainability Professional from WeWork and the Center for Active Design.

Speaker: Kristen Fulmer, Project Management, Powered by We, WeWork
Moderator: Nadine Rachid, Senior Associate Client Relationship Manager, Center for Active Design

12:00 The Science Behind Health and Wellbeing

Cornell University’s Alan Hedge, PhD; Director of Human Factors and Ergonomics, shares his approach for a resilient future through research on the evolution of space and the effects of sedentary lifestyles on human anatomy.

Speaker: Alan Hedge, Professor, Department of Design and Environmental Analysis, Cornell University
Moderator: Mallory Taub, Sustainability Specialist, Gensler

12:30 One Green Deed Spawns Another and Other Sustainable Stories from the Road

For the past four years, David Mahood has been reconnecting with some of the original sources of his environmental passion, asking them what one green deed they’d most like to see heeded, adopted, and passed on and why. Hear his tales from two decades of environmental advocacy and empower yourself to be a better citizen of the planet.

Speaker: David Mahood, Author, One Green Deed Spawns Another, LEED AP, Green MBA, Olive Hospitality Consulting
Moderator: Lynda Sullivan, Executive Consultant-Marketing, IIDA, CCIDC, NEWH