NEWH is taking the hospitality industry by storm, growing leaps and bounds on an international level! We can dedicate this success to the diligent work of our members, who continue to spread the word of and support our Mission.  Our mission began in 1984 as four special ladies sought to empower women in our industry, we follow in their footsteps as we continue to raise the bar and set strong goals striving to offer more value to our members.  Currently we have available to our members; team building, strategic planning training for business and personal growth, business planning and budgeting, mentorship, BrandEd, TopID, educational programs, public speaking, meeting like minded individuals across the world and building lifetime friendships all included within your membership.  Currently our membership consists of over 6 ,500 members and we have awarded over $7 million USD in scholarship funds to help educate the future of our industry.  We have experienced tremendous growth in USA as well as Internationally with a strong presence in London, U.K. as well as Toronto and Vancouver in Canada.  Furthermore, we continue to grow our presence internationally as we are developing Chapters in Paris and Milan.  When I first came out to my first NEWH event, I joined right away as I was moved by the history and NEWH being part of empowering women in workplace and life.  I told myself my plate was full and that there was no room to get too involved.  Today I am taking on the wonderful honour of President and enjoying every aspect of being involved with this amazing association that has allowed me personal growth in mentoring, personal and business growth opportunities and wonderful friendships!!! A good friend of mine was asked “what is NEWH”? Her answer was “my friends!”.  I encourage you to become involved because what you give will make a difference in a student’s life, our industry as well as your life!!!  I look forward to seeing you at the next NEWH event!sing and

In the Spirit of Networking,
Chris Tucker
Principal, Tucker & Associates
President, NEWH, Inc. Board of Directors