Check out the South Carolina Region events in the works!

June – Applications open for the $2,500 NEWH Scholarship Award; Nominations conclude for the South Carolina TopID Award 2025
July/August – Summer Vacation
September 18 – Webinar CEU Presentation of “Water, Wellness and Sustainability” – arranged by Nicole Stover of Stover Sales; Awarding of the $2,500 NEWH Scholarship
October – Project Tour / Meet and Greet in fabulous Charleston, SC – arranged by Luke Spink of Panaz Fabrics; Presentation of the Top ID Award for 2025
November  – Project Tour / Meet and Greet in wonderful Conway, SC – arranged by Carole Roach of Vansant Realty Group
December – Happy Holidays!

Leading the business in networking, NEWH programs and events are THE place to build relationships throughout the hospitality world. Our members boast executive leadership positions in all walks of the industry including management companies, ownership, interior designers, manufacturers and hospitality educators. The entrepreneurial spirit is strong amongst our many members. Most importantly, our members lead by example, reaching out and serving their local communities through educational programs and volunteer projects, and supporting educational institutions through mentoring students and donating thousands of dollars each year in scholarship awards to deserving students.

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