Chris Garrod Global Limited

5 Prescot Street
London, E1 8AY
44 (0) 203 510 0050
Contact: David Hopkins

Chapter Level Business Member

Chris Garrod Global (CGG) is one of the most experienced purchasing and installation management companies working exclusively within the hospitality sector.

Established in 1978 by Chris Garrod, the Company has since contributed to many significant hotel developments in Europe, Middle East and Asia delivering high quality interiors that serve the test of time at a price that is affordable.

The key to CGG’s success is that it understands and champions the motivations of its clients and associates. For developers and owners of hotels, a primary concern is likely to be budget, for operators it is programme and brand quality and for designers, it is vision and creativity.

The value that CGG brings to projects is an ability to harmonise these diverse objectives through its worldwide purchasing resources, its highly skilled and specialist teams and a management experienced in controlling supply chains, budgets, programme and work on site.

Chris Garrod Global ensures that projects are successfully completed and in this process delivers savings well in excess of its fee.