ADM Associates

960 Piedmont Avenue, NE
Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 892-1975
Contact: Debra Robinson

ADM has been furnishing fine interior contracting and asset management services to some of the most prestigious and knowledgeable hotel developers and consultants in the continental USA and abroad since 1975.

Our purchasing professionals combine the fiscal tenacity of a corporate controller with the aesthetic sensibilities of an artisan. What we purchase for clients must be faithful to the designer’s vision in quality and concept as well as respectful of the client’s budget. We don’t hire people who aren’t flexible—and we don’t set up vendor relationships (no matter how tempting) which limit our flexibility to deliver the best solution for a job. At ADM, we place honesty and ethics ahead of making a few extra percentage points from a job. And we won’t spend your whole budget just “because it’s there.”