3rd Story

15442 N. 19th Way
Phoenix, AZ 85022
(480) 607-3337
Contact: Ben Meyer

3rd story was born out of a chance meeting between Rick Daugherty, Ben Meyer and Anissa Mendil in the spring of 2014. The instant connection and realization that their individual skill sets, design influences and global experiences could result in a unique collaboration was an opportunity not to be missed. Rick had been running a successful architecture firm in Arizona for over 30 years (Rick Daugherty Architecture) while Ben and Anissa (Seven am Design), who both hail from Europe, were on a journey to bring their London-based design studio’s initiatives to the Southwest.

With a united goal to collaborate and educate, 3rd story’s focus is on building long lasting relationships with our clients, ensuring that the design process, end results and client’s onward journeys are a positive experience based on a shared desire for success. Our inspiration comes from our client’s goals, needs and desires and our transparent process and approach enables us to realize our clients vision in a masterful way.


Architect, Interior