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Quality Marketing, Inc.

This agency believes that increased growth begins with information and education not only in the wholesale house or showroom, but with the builders and plumbers. An educated individual has the ability…

  • , Anthem, AZ
  • Primary Contact: Brian McDonald

Quiltcraft Industries, Inc.

Quiltcraft offers an extensive line of products and services for the healthcare, hospitality and commercial industries from draperies and cubical curtains to roller shades and wall upholstery.…

  • 1230 E. Ledbetter Drive, Dallas, TX 75216-6988
  • Primary Contact: Abby Wiyninger


Literally translated from Latin, Quintus means fifth. However, its relation to the word quintessence is where meaning is found for our brand. The word quintessence was first used to describe the subst…

  • 407 N. Oak Street, Inglewood, CA 90302
  • Primary Contact: Amanda Neistat