The NEWH Green Voice Design Competition provides students with the opportunity to showcase their design skills while utilizing the very best in sustainable design products and practices. Our sponsors have generously donated the awards – one to the winning undergraduate student and one to the winning graduate student with airfare/lodging to the awards event at HD Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada provided.


This competition is open to all interior design students (Junior level and above) attending an accredited program. Program must be minimum 4-year undergraduate or graduate program. Instructors may use the competition as a class project. Instructors need to evaluate class work and submit no more than five top projects for consideration. Two students may work on a team and submit one project.


Design competition project type and criteria changes annually. Students must execute a dynamic, creative, cutting edge design utilizing the very best products and technologies which encompass sustainable topics including: site selection, water efficiency, energy conservation, products/materials, and indoor environmental quality. In addition to the physical aspects of design, the functional daily use of the space and how the occupants can operate the facility in a sustainable manner such as encouraging recycling and reuse, water and energy conservation to create a truly sustainable concept. All work must be student’s original work.

In addition to the criteria, all submissions are judged on their professional appearance.

Selection and Judging

The top 5 (graduate/undergraduate) finalists are judged by three industry judges who are selected annually to review the final projects.


$7,500 Award to the undergraduate student
$7,500 Award to the graduate student or undergraduate’s school

To receive this scholarship you must be a currently enrolled student with current or upcoming debt through your school for tuition or program approved books. Awarded scholarship funds are payable to and sent directly to student’s school (only). If the student does not have eligible debt when the funds are awarded the unused funds will go to the students college Interior Design Department. If a winning graduate student is not selected by the panel of judges, the scholarship award will go to the INTERIORS PROGRAM of the winning undergraduate student’s school, and vice versa. Each winning student must be able to attend the award presentation in May (the following year) in Las Vegas with travel and lodging provided by NEWH, Inc.

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