Archilinea was founded in 1981 as a global consultancy company able to support clients through all areas of urban planning, architecture, interior and brand identity – and all the phases related to: from the creation of the concept to the drafting of the provisional and final designs, from site management to internal fitout and consulting. This asset, that is possible thanks to a team of more than 40 professionals specialized in different areas, allows Archilinea to act as a unique referent for clients and to offer the utmost efficiency in terms of control of times, budgets and competitiveness.


From the current health situation, the project has been developed by the answering to the following question: what would a SPA be like and how would it work if we assume the rules of social distancing as a design guideline? Starting from this consideration, we created “Invisible SPA”, a project that allowed visitors to keep the necessary physical distance through spiritual path and the division of key points of a SPA. The customer could find harmony and peace with his own mind and body again thanks to the shape of the architecture which is completely surrounded by nature, as it would be as one.

Starting from the parking area, the customer will be able to access the reception by crossing the main path. The customer will be transported inside the SPA while remaining in contact with nature that surrounds it. The path, as well as being an evocative and meditative place, can help in order to keep a regular flow of revenue (in full compliance with the requirements for the containing of spreading of Covid-19). From the reception then, it will be possible to reach the central square. From here, along the spiritual path, the visitors will reach different key points. In addition, new technological systems and materials with antibacterial properties will be integrated into the design for a permanent signification of the spaces.

Five are the main function areas of “Invisible SPA”.
-Physical activity
-Kneipp cure


Giuseppe Gervasi, Monica Rivi, Mauro Codeluppi, Adriano Larocca, Michela
Selmi, Luca Bernardoni, Giulio Rimini