Please read the NEWH Guidelines for Scholarships to understand the criteria required for students and the different types of International and Chapter Scholarships that are available.

Use this PowerPoint to educate students, colleges, educational professionals on the benefits of NEWH, scholarship and membership.
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Our Frequently Asked Questions is a great resource for students, educators and Chapter Directors.  If your question is not answered, please send us an email.

It is important to remember that NEWH also awards scholarships to Junior Colleges and other two-year programs with studies in Hospitality such as Foodservice Management, Culinary Arts, Hospitality Management, Senior Living, Architecture, Interior Design, etc.

Utilize online sites to find new accredited college colleges in your chapter territory and update your current contacts:

CIDA (Interior Design only accredited colleges)

Here are some other options:

Accredited Culinary Colleges:

Hospitality Management Accredited Colleges:

Degrees offered by state:



There are a number of mandatory letters that need to be sent to the students and schools, at various times. The templates here will take the work out of doing this.

The letter to Non-winning Applicants should be sent to all applicants that were not selected. This scholarship opportunity is very important to some students, and they need to know whether they were selected or not.
The letter to Scholarship Winner must be sent in a timely fashion to winners notify them of their award and the upcoming scholarship award event details.

It is mandatory for the Scholarship Director to complete the Scholarship Check & Report Form promptly.  Send a copy to their Chapter Treasurer (if no Treasurer, send to Julie Buntrock at NEWH, Inc.).  NEWH, Inc. will then mail you your winning student award certificates for distribution at your scholarship event. Scholarship Director must distribute Letter to Accompany Check to School (include check).  Check in with the student, college and/or Chapter Treasurer to ensure scholarship check(s) are cashed and applied in a timely manner.

Hold Harmless Policy Chapters is a form template the Scholarship Director completes and sends to each scholarship recipient attending the scholar’s event. This is a liability agreement and helps protect the chapter.


The Scholarship Application Evaluation Form can be utilized when reviewing your received scholarship applications.  Scholarship recipients should be chosen based off of the following criteria only:

  • You must be a currently enrolled student attending an accredited college
  • You must have completed one half of the requirements for a degree or certification in the program which you are currently enrolled
  • You must show financial need and have eligible debt at time of scholarship award
  • You must have a 3.0 GPA or higher
  • You must have a career objective in one of the areas of the Hospitality Industry (i.e., Hotel/Restaurant Management, Culinary/Foodservice, Architecture, Interior Design, etc.)
  • To calculate international GPA scores into to American GPA equivalents go to:

Here are some chapter event templates that have been very successful events for chapters.


Speed Mentoring Event Template

Culinary Event At College Template

Student Social Event Winter Warm-Up Template

Portfolio Roundtable Student Event Template

Event Table Check In – Scholarship Sign

CEU Carpet Recycling Initiatives

Winter Warm-Up

Professional Headshot Event

Networking Mentorship Event

Intern Mentor Event

Collaborative Meeting Event


NEWH Chapter level Vendor Scholarships are graciously funded by the hospitality manufacturing community. These scholarships are administered by NEWH Chapter and are presented at a determined chapter event.  Scholarship Director sends vendor the Vendor Scholarship Agreement and Vendor Scholarship Billing Agreement, once complete a copy must be sent to NEWH, Inc. office.  Scholarship Director sends Vendor Thank-you Letter

  • Funding to be done by a vendor
  • Minimum $3000 donation and $500 admin fee
  • Scholarship name to be chosen by Vendor
  • Vendor or company representative can present the scholarship
  • NEWH Chapter Scholarship Committee reviews applicants and selects the final recipient based on NEWH scholarship criteria
  • Donor can specify what are of hospitality is accepted for students to apply for the vendor scholarship (interior design, architecture, etc.)
  • NEWH Chapter determines the venue for the award presentation of the scholarship


These scholarships are administered by NEWH Chapter and are presented at a determined chapter event.  Must be in the name of a NEWH member.  Scholarship Director sends the In Memory Scholarship Agreement and In Memory Scholarship Billing Agreement, once complete a copy must be sent to NEWH, Inc. office.  Scholarship Director sends Donor Thank-you Letter

  • Must be in the name of a member who has contributed to NEWH.
  • May be funded separately, initially, after the death of the member and then funded by chapter fundraising efforts, after the original funding dwindles.
  • May be given in the name of the member as one of the Chapter Scholarships.  For instance, could be given to the most outstanding student and/or in the largest dollar amount.


NEWH Emerging Talent…Students and recent graduates can add to their profile by posting their resume, projects, videos and other work allowing employers to discover fresh talent within the hospitality industry.

NEWH Career Network…students can post and view internships for free.  This is a resource page for job candidates and employers/recruiters.

NEWH Magazine… industry publication (4 issues per year)