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Congratulations to our past Scholarship Recipients!

Kaitlyn Uram
Kent State University – Interior Design

“I am honored to be recognized as a recipient of the 2022 NEWH Pittsburgh Region Scholarship.  I am truly blessed to be surrounded by individuals who continue to support me through all my collegiate and professional endeavors.  This scholarship encourages me to pursue the profession of Interior Design, where I am eagerly searching for work at multidisciplinary firms, as hospitality and healthcare equally interest me.  I want to dedicate my life to designing spaces promoting healthy, healing, and truly unique experiences for all.  I believe in universal design and designing for disabilities, in order to create a more equitable world. Thank you, once again, for the financial support and kind words as they will forever be appreciated.”

Madeline LaLomia
Penn State University – Hospitality Management

“I enjoy the Hospitality field because of its diversity, uniqueness, and fast-faced environment. I work well in a team-environment and this is what hospitality is all about- people.  In the 5+ years I have already worked in the hospitality industry, I have been fortunate enough to meet incredible people and learn a lot the industry and customer service tactics along the way.  My dream job would be opening my own business (hostel, hotel, or B&B) in either a third world country or a town that does not receive much tourism.  I think that it is important for all people to understand cultures and visit places that are out of their comfort zone.  Therefore, my long-term goal is to have a business that brings a new perspectives to each guest that visits. The property I hope to have will work with the local community and represent the local culture, where all residents are encouraged to contribute their ideas and perspectives.”

Cynthia Andujar
Chatham University – Interior Architecture

Rheanna Abel
La Roche University – Interior Design

Morgan Meinert
La Roche University – Interior Design

Bryan Reichard
Pittsburgh Technical College – Culinary Arts

Julie Zanella
La Roche University – Interior Design

“I had the honor of being awarded the NEWH Scholarship in 2017. When I won the scholarship I was an intern at Caruso Design Group, where I worked mostly remote from Carnegie Coffee shop with the Senior Designer.  It was a great start to my career, and my design journey has taken me down a few paths since then.  Working my way through design in corporate office, higher education, student housing and finally landing on multifamily design,  I currently hold a fully remote position as a Senior Designer with Builders Design in Washington D.C.  I obtained my NCIDQ certification and purchased my first home in Carnegie! Now, a little over 5 years later, I find myself back working from the Carnegie Coffee shop, but with a lot of lessons learned, some exciting projects under my belt, and many more to come!” 

Heather Faulks
Cornell University

Heather Faulks
Cornell University

Donna Quadri-Felitti
Pennsylvania State University

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