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October 20, 2020 @ 1:00pm EST
“411 on Fabrics”

CEU Description:
Going beyond just Textiles 101, get the 411 on Fabrics from Kravet Contract National Sales Manager, Ian Schwartz, with decades of on-the-job experience surrounded by the textiles you select for your interior design schemes. Learn the ins and outs of fabrics: how they’re made, where they come from and how to use them. Topics in this course range from construction to quality and finishes, encompassing all relevant applications for commercial use, with the addition of some very interesting historical context to offer a fully well-rounded understanding of the life of a fabric.

Presenter Information:
Ian received his degree from Philadelphia University in Textile Management and Marketing with a concentration in International Finance in 2007. He has worked at Kravet Inc. since graduating college. He started his career in the Design Studio in NYC, spending 11 years in residential sales on the road in New Jersey and is currently the Contract National Sales Manager.

Company Information:
Kravet Contract provides a vast portfolio of fabrics and furnishings that meet performance and budget demands in hospitality, commercial, and cruise applications. Our team is highly motivated to provide exceptional customer experiences through great products and service excellence. We believe that great design can make a positive impact on the world and we strive every day to fulfill our commitment to that end.

Presenter Information:
Ian Schwartz
Alana R. Moskowitz