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CEU Title: The Future of Design: Healthy People, Healthy Planet

CEU Description:
Design has the power to transform lives. With COVID and climate change, the demand for healthy spaces is everywhere. Never has the need been greater for informed specification choices. This CEU will educate specifiers on the importance and impact of environmental and social responsibility. Designers will gain an understanding of the specific attributes of importance and discover new ways to assess vendor and product performance.

Company Biography:
Created in collaboration with Marriott International, Design for Health™ is the A&D specification solution for healthy design. Powered by MindClick’s environmental and social impact ratings of vendors and their products, Design for Health is the Digital Studio for Healthy Interiors. Providing designers and their brand clients with inspiration, information and recognition, Design for Health™ brings vendors together in one easy-to-understand environmental performance rating system, combined with visually engaging photo galleries, a digital library, and robust analytics. Design for Health is used by brands, REITs, management companies and their design and purchasing teams to make healthy design a part of every project.

Presenter Biography:
JoAnna Abrams is Founder and CEO of MindClick. Working to connect purchasers and suppliers through solutions that promote environmentally and socially responsible practices, Abrams serves as a business strategist, innovator and collaborator among some of the largest hospitality industry leaders including Marriott International, Highgate Hotels, SH Hotels and their vendor and design partners. Named a hospitality industry innovator by Lodging Magazine, Abrams is now leading transformation throughout the built environment. MindClick has been recognized by Wharton’s Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership, Cornell’s Hospitality Research Summit, and the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council. Prior to MindClick, Abrams led strategy, research, and new product development efforts for recognized consumer products brands including MGM, Nestle, Pepsi-Co, Toyota, and Wolfgang Puck. Abrams holds an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and a B.S. in finance from University of Illinois.

JoAnna Abrams