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CEU Title: “Functional Lighting with Decorative Luminaires”

CEU Description:
This one-hour CEU program discusses how today’s decorative luminaires can – and do – provide functional lighting for commercial applications. Beginning with discussion of different lighting effects (and how to describe them), we will look at various techniques for applying and integrating decorative luminaires to functional lighting needs. We will conclude with guidelines to luminaire selection according to light output, direction, and color.

Company Biography:
Light is a powerful thing. At Rich Brilliant Willing, we believe in the power of light to create atmosphere—to enliven the little things, like our morning routines, or the moments we spend with friends. As an award-winning, independent design and manufacturing company headquartered in Industry City, Brooklyn, RBW is a brand for architects and designers looking for a higher quality of light.

Presenter Biography:
With 10 years of experience in Lighting Design and Manufacturing and a BID in Industrial Product Design from Pratt, Maxwell Deutsch knows the ins and the outs of the lighting industry. Thanks to his experience on both sides of the relationship, Maxwell is uniquely qualified to understand the needs of designers looking to create award-winning atmosphere through the power of light.

Maxwell Deutsch