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CEU Name: “Sustainability: The Next Normal”

CEU Description:
The definition of sustainability has broadened beyond traditional operational measures (energy, water, recycled content) to include material health and how spaces impact people. People spend 90% of time indoors – so where we learn, create, and live impacts our wellbeing. The ingredients that go into products and the impacts of sound, moisture and other design elements on people are important as well as challenges like climate change and ocean plastics. This session covers market insights and trends driving the focus on human health and wellbeing. Get grounded in the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Products Program and other sustainability certifications.

Course Objectives:
1. Understand key market drivers shifting sustainability toward occupant experience
2. Learn attributes of products that have positive product human impact
3. Understand the 5 pillars in the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Products Program
4. Identify how Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Products help achieve various green building certifications including LEED and WELL

Company Biography:
Shaw Contract designs and manufactures carpet, hardwood and resilient products that give foundation to space and support people within it. Our human-centered approach to service combines mind, hand and heart with the goal to make a Smarter Impact for our clients in all that we do. Ours is an optimistic agenda that places power for positive change at scale in all our hands for people and planet. We’re headquartered in Cartersville, Georgia, USA with associates and operations all over the world.

Presenter Biography:
Tim Conway has changed the company’s attitude toward sustainability- namely that this goal is a collective responsibility. Tim is focused on the positive effects that sustainable flooring products have on our buildings, and more importantly, the people that occupy and live in the spaces we design.

Tim has worked closely with sustainability leaders within the industry and team at Shaw to reengineer products and supply chains, driving the sustainability movement forward- both for the brand and the industry. For over 10 years, Tim has been at the forefront of educating and promoting Shaw’s Cradle to Cradle certifications, Declare Labels, HPDs, and EPDs. His significant product contributions include spearheading the company’s reclamation program, introducing PET-based resilient flooring, eliminating coal fly ash, among others. Throughout his career, Tim has served as a vital connection between sustainability industry leadership and has used his market intelligence to drive change in the way Shaw Industries makes products and designs spaces.

His industry expertise has allowed him to present at GreenBuild, Living Future Conference, CleanMed, and other major conferences. Tim is also heavily engaged in building and wellness programs such as serving on the mindful MATERIALS steering committee and creating the corresponding manufacturers group. He is heavily involved in Health Care without Harm, and the Healthy Hospital and Healthy Campus initiatives. Tim was also highly involved in Shaw Industry’s decision to sign the UN Global Compact.

Tim is passionate about collaborating with clients to develop flooring specifications that are safe throughout a product’s entire supply chain, from the chemical ingredients to end of service reclamation. He has a unique ability to translate complex systems like Cradle to Cradle and HPDs into simple stories that empower change and deliver buildings that have positive intent for the future of our people and our planet.

Tim Conway, VP of Sustainability (Guest Presenter), Shaw Industries
Local Contacts: Laura Carter and Jonathan Goodelman