Thursday, May 5th 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM  @ HD EXPO NEWH Booth L5

Cart vs. Horse: Which came first, the Transportation Infrastructure, or the Hospitality?

Join us for an interesting panel discussion on the effects that public transportation and mass transit have on hotels restaurants and lounges.  From site selection & development to employee retention to guest marketing to architecture & design considerations.  We’ll explore how proximity to Public Transit and Mass Transit impacts hoteliers and restauranteurs, and learn about sustainable advancements in transit.

Moderator: Andy Schaidler, National Hospitality Sales Manager, Marble Systems
Speaker: John F. Hogan, Vice President, Design and Project Management, Ritz-Carlton Worldwide
Speaker: C. “Chuck” Charles Pineda, PE Systems Design Integration Manager for the LA Westside Subway Project, Project Manager at LK Comstock National Transit and Railworks
Speaker: Jude Elledge, Consulting Architect and Urban Planner, Callison RTKL Planning & Urban Design, Los Angeles