Description of Fellowship Membership:
Fellowship is bestowed on NEWH members who have made notable contributions to the Hospitality Industry, not only through their work, but through their demonstrated commitment to NEWH.

The application process is held every other year and is conducted by the Chair of the College of Fellows together with a jury of selected members of the College. Fellows will be inducted at the biennial Leadership Conference.

Award Presentation:
Fellowship recipients will be recognized at the biennial NEWH Leadership Conference in Spring 2024.

Nomination Information:
Deadline – October 31st, 2023

    NEWH Fellowship Nomination Form

    Section 1: Nominee Information

    Nominated By:

    Chapter BoardNEWH MemberSelf-Nomination

    Statement of Achievement:

    Section 2: Documentation of NEWH Involvement and Career/Personal Accomplishments:

    Please list 5 ways the Nominee has had a leading role in the advancement of the mission of NEWH (education, mentoring, etc.) and any leadership roles held at the Chapter Level or the International Level.

    Please provide a list of Nominee’s volunteer contributions and philanthropic participation outside of NEWH.

    Please provide a list of Nominee's significant awards, honors, and recognition received throughout his/her career.

    Section 3: References

    Attach file that includes 3 letters of reference from NEWH members in good standing endorsing the nomination, and 2 other references from Hospitality Industry professionals. If you are unable to attach a file at this time, please email references to



    If you have questions, please email