We believe that interiors should be tied to timeless principles of good design: form, function, and harmony. Integrating progressive techniques and technologies with time‐honored concepts for sustainability, we are committed to exploring the delicate balance of energy and aesthetics. We have been designing excellent interiors since 1986.



A new transparency of cleanliness is emerging in hospitality design, and those keeping house are the gatekeepers to interpandemic hotel reopenings. Housekeepers’ sense of safety, pride in their work, and ability to communicate care protocols with guests will define industry success moving forward.

Our Back of House / Front of Mind design puts frontline workers first, positioning our valued housekeepers at the forefront of the healthful hotel experience.

Smartly designed housekeeping tools convey sophisticated cleaning standards. We refashioned the staff uniform as wearable technology: a high style, body‐inclusive, protective coverall in antimicrobial mesh copper fabric. The modernized cleaning cart becomes a striking object of art. 360‐degree spinner wheels maneuver tight spaces and provide space for guests to pass. Airtight‐sealed compartments safely contain materials to be cleaned, with a smooth swivel mechanism.

These newly branded cleaning elements will be on display with the increased presence of housekeeping staff in transition spaces, as guests bypass public lounges for the security of their room. With durable materials that withstand cleaning and seamless rounded edges, the redesigned corridors decrease possible areas of contagion. Graphic wayfinding integrates subtle social distancing cues.

A blue plexiglass vestibule pops out from each room entry to provide a hands‐free sanitization space for guests with lavender‐scented disinfecting mist. Phygital elements display digital input from guests on physical interfaces for instant communication with housekeeping staff, and the transparent vestibule illuminates with a warm purple glow to signify when the guest room has been completely disinfected.

The new employee breakroom exudes the sensory serenity of a traditional hotel spa, providing valued staff with a protective respite between shifts. Staff first move through a sanitization chamber similar to the guest room vestibules and remove their coverall for cleaning. In the greenhouse‐inspired lounge, digital wallpaper displays scenes from nature, charging stations power mobile devices, and a wellness room allows private meditation or rest.

Housekeeping staff can be our best asset and authority in cleaning protocols. Moving housekeeping staff from the Back of the House demonstrates values‐based transparency, and keeping staff members’ wellbeing Front of Mind ensures continued comfort and care for all in hospitality.




Anne Marchessault
Sequoyah Hunter‐Cuyjet
Leah Stoner
Danielle Puccini