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As the world has evolved with the shifting nature of the pandemic, one of the hardest hit communities has been Senior Living facilities. With many residents deigned to high-risk categories, these facilities were quickly cut off from the rest of society, with loved ones socializing through windows, making posters, and sending messages from afar. As we look toward the future, we have imagined a facility that could still welcome guests, keep the human connection, and do so safely, in an attempt to mitigate risk to both resident and guest.

As masks and barriers are often obtrusive and physical signs of times of uncertainty, our design has implemented social distancing and discreet screens throughout the space. Serving multiple purposes, these elements feel intentional, without being confining. A large, spacious lobby with grand skylight and plantings provides a connection to nature while giving ample room to visiting neighbors, and a place for residents to relax together, but apart.

Apartments too can be reimagined to enter from an interior courtyard, giving residents their own private “garden” space to entertain or relax. Valet closets allow for contactless delivery for medical care and housekeeping services, while in-room kitchenettes and dining give residents the ability to safely stay inside, if needed.

With the world moving rapidly to IOT technology, digital check-ins and app usage, robot sterilization and UV cleaning methodologies, the need to design for continued human interaction remains paramount. One of the greatest elements of the hospitality industry is the human connection. While design should pivot to maintain a safe environment, socialization & companionship remain integral to people’s mental and emotional well-being.




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