Tips for Executives:

  • Best to take a beat or breath before responding to an email or public question regarding equity, inclusion and diversity.
  • It is OK to say: “I don’t know enough about X.” or “I haven’t had a chance to reflect on this situation, let me get back to you.”
  • It’s OK to point people to the strategy when it’s listed on the website and/or the EID Committee

What does equity, inclusion and diversity mean?

Equity is the acknowledgement that certain communities have had advantages and others have had disadvantages within our society. We attempt to level the playing field through our inclusive programming. Inclusion is the feeling that you are valued and welcomed within a given setting.

Why did NEWH start an EID Committee?

We were compelled to start an EID committee in response to the killing of an unarmed black man – George Floyd in May of 2020. The U.S. and the world experienced an outpouring of social unrest. We believe our members needed a way to address not only that moment in history but a framework which we will operate to ensure that all members of NEWH will be included no matter their background.

What is NEWH’s position on sharing political views within the organization?

NEWH welcomes members of all backgrounds as we know that diversity will make our organization stronger. We recognize that diversity inevitably brings a diverse set of perspectives. We are a non-profit organization and as such have to remain bi-partisan, as not to put our fundraising efforts at risk.

What is NEWH’s commitment to equity, inclusion and diversity?

NEWH was founded to support women in an industry that was dominated by men. As NEWH has evolved, we have broadened our ideal target member to be more inclusive. To that end, we have taken the steps to hire an external consultant to assist with our development and education on equity, inclusion and diversity. We also added a Vice President of Equity, Inclusion and Diversity to our International Board. To support the on-going work in this area, we have created a committee representative of the chapters across our organization as well as given each chapter an opportunity to elect a Director of Equity, Inclusion and Diversity.

What happens if there is more social unrest?

We understand that we live in socially divisive times and expect that more challenges will happen in this world. We will monitor what’s happening, it’s relation to our organization and work with our committees to develop a plan in real time.

What are your thoughts on Black Lives Matter and other organizations like it?

We support all lives but also recognize that there have been barriers for some and advantages for others in our society. We are currently developing a strategy to ensure that NEWH is an inclusive, diverse and equitable organization for all.