Know a firm you’d like to nominate for 2025 TopID?
Please send them this URL and ask them to complete this nomination form no later than June 14, 2024 (no extensions)

DESIGN FIRMS: Please complete the nomination form below.

Nominations will be accepted March 18, 2024 – June 14, 2024 (no extensions)

Minimum Criteria (required)

  • Current Membership: one person within the local firm must be a current voting member in good standing with NEWH (if you are unsure of a member’s status please contact [email protected] for confirmation)
  • Submit your local firm’s ONE highlighted complete custom Hospitality project* completed within the last 24 months (June 2022 to May 2024). (*custom Hospitality projects are non-program work where designs are not pre-determined by a brand.) Hospitality projects can include any one of the following types of projects: Guest rooms (no model rooms), hotel or casino public area space, bar, restaurant, spa, meeting space, etc. This applies to new construction and renovations. Please do not include previously submitted TopID projects.
  • Submission requires a 150-word written narrative describing the project’s unique design location, elements, attributes, and challenges that make the project distinct in the industry today.
  • PHOTO Requirement: Project submitted with the nomination must be photographed. You will be contacted by your local chapter/regional board for instructions on how to submit your photographs. Photos must be a minimum 300 dpi resolution jpeg or tif file format. A mininum of 3 (maximum of 6) installation photographs are required for your project submission. Renderings will NOT be accepted.
  • Firm must have an accessible website for qualification purposes.

*For purposes of the TopID award, NEWH defines Hospitality as a property in which its facilities can be enjoyed by the general public. Properties such as multi-family, student housing, senior living, or a medical-related facility where the facility is utilized mainly by members/patients only (even if a specific project area within these types of facilities is open to the public), would not fit NEWH’s definition of Hospitality for this award.

Judging takes into consideration the number of NEWH members in the local design firm and type of membership held, number of active members within the firm, local NEWH event attendance, leadership/board positions held in the local chapter/region and NEWH, Inc., and number of awards and publications of custom hospitality projects received by your local firm.


  • This form will Time Out in approximately two hours if not submitted and any information entered will be lost. Please allow time to complete this form.
  • If your firm has multiple locations, only information related to the local firm in the chapter region is qualified for submission. Each local firm can only submit one project as a firm. The project is only one piece of the judging criteria – the other criteria is based on the firm itself and its support of NEWH.


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    If you have questions on the NEWH TopID Nomination, please contact:

    Diane Federwitz