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The bed is the centerpiece of a hotel guestroom, so the bedding should look gorgeous and reflect your hotel’s brand. For twenty years, Down Etc has designed and manufactured the luxurious bedding and bath products that have transported guests to the world of tranquil dreams and provided them with a great night’s sleep. Your guests will wake rested and ready for another day of work or play and leave with fond memories of their stays.

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To protect ourselves and our community.

Product Brief

Mask Etc™ face masks are the comfortable solution. Each package includes 2 Mask Etc™ face masks each individually wrapped with 2 non-woven fabric covered carbon filter inserts. Mask Etc™ face masks are constructed with two layers, an outside layer of copper modified polyester and cotton and an inside layer of comfortable cotton. The inside layer has a pocket for placement of the non-woven fabric covered carbon filter insert.

Testing Results

Lily Pads® Waterproof Mattress Pads can hold up to three gallons of liquid and retain their integrity up to 300 launderings. Cleaning and Warranty Info Machine wash and dry in industrial machines.

Cleaning and Warranty Info

Machine Washable

Health Benefits

Direct Health Benefits

Onguard!® Bed Bug Encasements: You may not be able to prevent bed bugs and dust mites from coming into your hotel with your guests and their luggage, but you can take several straightforward steps to protect your hotel and your guests’ beds, beginning with mattress and box spring encasements. Onguard!® encasements are made of 100% polyester tightly woven to be anti-microbial, anti-allergen, flame retardant, and dust mite and bed bug proof. They provide full coverage with a covered zipper closure. Lily Pads® Waterproof Mattress Pads: Mattresses are susceptible to numerous contaminants. Even when incontinence is not a consideration, an unprotected mattress can be ruined by sweat or spilled drinks. The Lily Pads® waterproof mattress pad protects your investment in your guest room mattresses. The 100% polyester nonwoven backing closest to the mattress provides a waterproof barrier. The 100% cotton twill layer on top provides a soft and silky base on which to place the bottom sheet. The polyester fill provides another layer of cushioning. Double diamond quilting of the layers gives Lily Pads® the strength to withstand numerous cycles in industrial washers and dryers. These are the motionless, noiseless, and breathable way to protect your investment in your mattresses. Essential Cotton Pillow Protectors: While using a hypoallergenic pillow certainly supports an allergen-free night’s sleep, a pillow protector with a zipper closure offers an additional layer of protection. It is easier to wash and dry a protector than pillow, and they can prevent dust mites, mildew, and other common allergy triggers from growing inside the pillow. Doggie Down® Waterproof Dog Pad: Our ultimate dog bed, the Doggie Down® 100% polyester microfiber fabric has bones quilted onto the face. Made with a 3-layer barrier fabric and a 100% polyester non-woven back, the Doggie Down® is washable, waterproof, noiseless, and breathable. It protects furniture and carpet from pet dander and accidents. Wraps up in its Velcro bands for storage. Mask Etc™ and Headbands Etc™ Masks and Headbands: These will continue to be the comfortable solution to extended mask wearing. Mask Etc™ face masks are constructed with two layers of fabric, an outside layer of copper modified polyester and cotton and an inside layer of comfortable cotton. The inside layer has a pocket for the included carbon filter insert. The Headbands Etc™ headbands prevent irritation from face mask straps with placement of two buttons that allow you to choose the way the headband sits on your head. D.O.E. Down on Earth Organic Bedding: The certified organic cotton used in our d.o.e.® collection are grown free of chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or genetic modification, ensuring your guest’s hotel experience is all natural.

Inherent Antibacterial

Yes, The copper and cotton fabric makes them antimicrobial.


Enviromental Statement

Down Etc provides clean, natural, luxurious products to the hospitality industry. In order to improve sustainability and reduce our impact on the environment, Down Etc launched the d.o.e.® down on earth with the goal of providing conscious luxury from seed to sleep. Choosing organic and natural products is a conscious decision that supports farming communities, protects biodiversity, ensures human health, and makes sustainability possible while contributing to your bottom line. Transitioning to conscious luxury is a multi-step process. The d.o.e.® down on earth collection provides a first step in that direction without requiring your guests to forfeit a great night’s sleep. Our efforts to create sustainable products range from our selection of raw materials to our choice of logistics partners. We consciously implement eco-friendly practices in our factory in China and work with suppliers worldwide selected based on a strict audit of environmentally and socially responsible practices. Our relationships and research have provided us with expertise on certified organic cotton and resources in India. Down Etc is interested in partnering with organizations that specialize in supporting organic farmers and collectives in sustainable growth.

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Diversity Inclusion

Down Etc is a privately held WBE (Women Business Enterprise) company based in California. Created in 2001, Down Etc has grown consistently each year in accordance with company goals, quantifiable targets, and sustainable practices to ensure stability in socially responsible business development. Down Etc benefits from an executive team with a combined total of over 30 years of owning and operating an import/export top-of-the-bed business. We partner with our factory in China, which strengthens our ability to secure competitive pricing and sufficient inventory to allow us to maintain adequate inventory levels to deliver in a timely manner to our customers. Down Etc is self-financed with no outstanding loans from third parties.

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