AXIS/GFA Architecture + Design

1000 Brannan Street
Suite 404
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 371-1400
Contact: Jessica Sanders

Chapter Level Business Member

Solving Architectural Challenges with World-class Design
At AXIS/GFA Architecture + Design, we approach architecture differently. For us, each architectural project is an opportunity to solve real-world challenges with a unique, inspiring, and world-class design. We practice with the belief that architecture is more than simply a pragmatic solution for a space, or the expression of design for the sake of design – we believe timeless architectural solutions are those that provide memorable, inspiring, and connected spaces for those that use them, and functional value for those that own them.

We Passionately Contribute to a Better World, One Project at a Time
Why do we practice architecture? Why is architecture our passion? It’s simple: we want to passionately contribute to the world, one project at a time. At AXIS/GFA Architecture + Design, developing a team culture where each of us are able to approach our work with passion, each bringing unique strengths and experiences, all with the goal of making a positive difference for our partners and the communities we work in, is at the core of our Vision, and our Mission. It’s the “why” we do what we do.

Our Vision
At AXIS/GFA Architecture + Design, our Vision is to become a leading international architectural firm that provides collaborative, responsive, and accessible expertise that solves functional real-world challenges for our clients and partners, imbuing all of our work with unmistakably world-class design.

Our Mission
AXIS/GFA Architecture + Design’s Mission is to provide client-centered architectural solutions that solve practical real-world challenges with world-class aesthetics and world-class design.

Our Client-Centered Approach to Architectural Design
Fundamental to all we do is a belief that a collaborative and responsive relationship with our clients, partners, and community results in the most functional, valuable, and beautiful spaces we are renowned for.