Dawson Design Associates, Inc./London

Unit 5, Upper Deck, Phoenix Wharf
Eel Pie Island, Twickenham
London, TW1 3DY
+44 (0)20 8891 2627
Contact: Laura King

Chapter Level Business Member

Based in Twickenham, the Dawson Design Associates London Studio works fluidly as an extension of our Seattle headquarters and design team in the US. Our London team is a constantly growing group of international designers and architects and serves as the driving force behind emulating our US branch’s long-term record for success, while building DDA’s presence internationally and in the local London market.

The addition of our London Studio in late 2012 was a significant step forward for the growth and expansion of Dawson Design Associates. Our diverse, international team is positioned to respond effectively to the growing demand for strategically positioned, bespoke interiors that drive rate and capture occupancy globally. Supported by our US office, the London team is capable of providing clients and their projects with a 24/7 response time, around the clock experience and leadership. We are committed to building deep roots and lasting relationships in the UK and EMEA and look forward to the continued growth of the London branch.


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