Suomi Design Works

114 E. 25th Street
Suite 415
New York, NY 10010
(212) 457-9793
Contact: Vanessa Watts
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Suomi Design Works is a hotel design studio for owners, developers, and brands with vision. Our highly creative hotel concepts are grounded in a deep understanding of each property’s local, cultural, and industrial histories. We believe true creativity comes from an intentional alchemy of design expertise and technical know-how. To energize our creative process, we actively seek out design catalysts to infuse our core expertise with out-of-industry innovations from the worlds of fashion, technology, and cinema. The end result is a completely custom hotel, crafted through an exceptionally personalized process.

Our Manhattan-based design firm is led by hospitality design industry veteran Michael Suomi. With more than 30 years of architectural and interior design experience, Michael has become well-known for his strong conceptual narrative approach to design for brands such as Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott, and independent owners alike. Most recently as been Principal and Vice President of New York-based Stonehill Taylor, Michael built the interior design division from the ground up, leading his team to create award-winning interiors and brands for hotels including the Eliza Jane, New Orleans; the Limelight Hotel, Aspen; and the recently opened midcentury marvel, the TWA Hotel at JFK Airport.

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