CH Design Studios

3455 S. Dairy Ashford Road
Suite 160
Houston, TX 77082
(346) 326-7555
Contact: Leena Nacy
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Chapter Level Business - Top Tier

Comprised of a diverse team of design professionals who are driven by a distinct, shared perspective, CH Design Studios seeks to explore the frontiers of innovative design while preserving and maintaining functionality. CH Design Studios encompasses a group of 15 in house designers, who have been influenced and molded by their unique design experiences, diverse backgrounds and prestigious educations. Our team utilizes their diversities and unparalleled capabilities to provide timeless and innovative design solutions that satisfy our client’s wants and needs, while being inspired by the world around us.

We pride ourselves on providing unwavering client satisfaction as we believe placing our client’s needs first are imperative to effective communication throughout the design process.

With our team’s extensive collective amount of brand knowledge, experience and beneficial affiliations, we thrive every day in achieving balance between the wants of our clients and the requirements of the brand.

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