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Architessa is a new trade name for Architectural Ceramics launched in early 2021. It arose from Betty Sullivan securing a majority women-owned status in Architectural Ceramics, founded in 1985, which she joined in 1990 and started running in 2001. Betty envisioned a name that embodies its origins, desired social impact, and prominence in the A&D industry both locally and digitally.

The etymology of Architessa stems from “Archit,” meaning “worshiped” in many countries and is also an abbreviation for “Architecture.” “Tessa” is a nod to women, alluding to “Contessa,” because mothers hold the oral narrative of the world, and “Tessera” is the Latin root for a mosaic tile.

Architessa, founded on four integral Core Values, operates nationally with locations in the Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Atlanta metro areas. Commercial representatives cover the country virtually and by visit.

We offer our products and services to the homeowner, commercial, and trade communities all over the country. Our extensive training program creates Architessans – tile lovers and experts who design timeless spaces that evoke emotion. Our Learning Center provides you with in-depth information about tile design and application.

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