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We are an 80-year-old company that originated in Chile. We control two vertical mills, one in Chile and one in Brazil, which allow us firsthand access to all stages of production, especially on the quality of our customized fabrics. We not only produce our base yarn, but also spin, weave, dye and finish all our fabrics ourselves. With our extensive experience with dye processes and state-of-the-art technology, we can produce any customized color that our clients may need. As an integrated company, our turnaround time is exceptional, as short as 2 weeks for custom patterns. Fil Doux’s mission is to bring the transcending power of beauty, the physical experience of it, to the hospitality industry. Our passion for both tradition and innovation is what makes our fabrics comforting, luxurious, and fresh. Cultivating fabric that gives, takes, moves, and dances.

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Product Development Description

Copper is a mineral that proves that solutions can be found in nature and is an abundant natural resource in South America. Though developed prior to COVID-19, Copper Shield by Pro-Tech has the ability to naturally start killing viruses, bacteria, and mold on contact without harsh chemical cleaners, providing medical grade protection to the hospitality, cruise, and contract industries.The protectant is already being utilized in medical and hospital-grade personal protective equipment (PPE) in North and South America.

Product Brief

Working with laboratories in Chile and Brazil, Fil Doux Textiles created Copper Shield by Pro-Tech, a copper-based layer that provides an antimicrobial shield in tandem with their Pro-Tech stain defense. A topcoat of Copper Shield is applied directly onto fabric/Otratex products and works non-stop, without harsh chemical cleaners, to keep guests and employees safe from the spread of viruses, bacteria, and mold on all upholstered pieces. Copper Shield by Pro-Tech never compromises the hand, look, or feel of the product, and is included in lead time of the order.

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Enviromental Statement

Fil Doux Textiles is always exploring new and innovative ways to contribute to a safer, more sustainable world. Otratex is the brand’s exclusive degradable vinyl-alternative that offers the high-end look and feel of leather—but with increased durability, suppleness, and stain-resistance. The collection is completely unique to the market due to its ability to degrade when placed in an anaerobic environment—the material will fully decompose within 30 years. Now available with Copper Shield by Pro-Tech, the earth-friendly fabric has the capability to repel bacteria, viruses, and mold, meeting the rising needs of the industry. Fil Doux Textiles products are produced using sustainable practices on an industrial scale—90% of the company’s energy comes from solar and wind power, dye waters for fabrics are reused, and leftover fabrics are repurposed for packaging. Also, in the spirit of environmental sustainability, Fil Doux Textiles has partnered with 501(c) One Tree Planted with a pledge to donate 1,000 trees to Brazilian Rainforests for every 1,000 yards of Otratex™ purchased.

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