Ramsey & Associates

1841 Berkeley Way
Berkeley, CA 94703
(415) 399-0995
Contact: Jennifer Ramsey

Chapter Level Business Member

Ramsey Purchasing is a San Francisco based firm, specializing in Furniture Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) purchasing management services and related consulting for the hospitality industry. Ramsey Purchasing assists the hospitality owner by ensuring that:
• The best value is obtained for each product.
• Full disclosure of product availability, pricing and design implications.
• The project remains to the best interest of the owner, operator and guests.

Ramsey Purchasing operates as a fee-based company that assesses the distinctive needs of each project. Strategic planning, budgeting, competitive bidding, value engineering and a foundation of industry sourcing combine to enhance our commitment to exceed client goals, both fiscal and aesthetic. Since 1987, we have developed our reputation as a reliable, on-time and savvy purchasing firm.