Balongue Design

707 Matsonford Road
Villanova, PA 19085
(610) 525-7593
Contact: Liz Betack

We at Balongue Design believe that every individual is greatly affected, inspired, and changed by the environment he or she occupies. We believe in creating worlds designed for individuals to achieve all that is possible within that realm.

We believe in people reaching their higher potential because of their surroundings. We believe that design can make a difference in each person’s life, whether that person is a Fortune 500 CEO, a seasoned retiree, a restaurant owner, or a child in a hospital that needs a comforting environment.

We believe that we are all connected through the art of design. We believe that people deserve the very best that life can offer and we help achieve this through creating design that works toward goals, responds to change, solves problems, and inspires every day.


Interior Design