Helen Reed Design

1901 East Franklin Street
Studio 115
Richmond, VA 23223
(804) 334-9077
Contact: Helen Reed

H. L. Reed Design, Inc. is a professional consulting firm with over 20 years of experience of providing Interior Design and Space Planning for the Hospitality and Retail Industries. We primarily specialize in Restaurant, Night Club, Retail, Spa and Country Club Design. It is our goal to provide our Clients a competitive edge through creative interior design and space planning focused toward achieving a functional and aesthetically pleasing space for the public, as well as the staff of an operation.

Due to the service nature of our firm, we function on behalf of and with the Client to achieve established goals and objectives. We strive to achieve a balance between function, cost and aesthetics. Our commitment is further reinforced by our philosophy of quick responsiveness, cooperation and integrity, as well as, our ability to design appealing spaces for our Clients.

We are continually striving to educate our Clients on the benefits of Sustainable design through the use of Green building products in the design of their space. We feel that this is an important aspect of any project for the future or our environment.

We work with and can recommend a variety of associated specialists to ensure that our Client’s goals are obtained through the work of a qualified design team. However, to ensure that all goals are met, our Clients must function as an integral part of the design team from start to finish. This key involvement from the Client contributes to the success of our firm’s designs