Kendall College of Art & Design of Ferris State University

17 Fountain Street NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
(800) 676-2787

Where we live, work, and play greatly influences our moods. Some environments make you feel alive, while others drain energy right out of the air. And if you were compelled to read about this program, you probably already knew that, and the walls of your bedroom probably aren’t white. Interior designers bring an environment into harmony with its purpose by manipulating the aesthetic and physical nature of a space. They study how private and public spaces impact the health, safety, and welfare of those occupying the space.

You’ll learn the basics of design, drawing, color, drafting, CAD, rendering, and materials (explore the endless possibilities with all the fabric, carpet and paint swatches in the resource room). Then you’ll apply all that to residential, retail, corporate and hospitality spaces. We’ll address topics like architecture, ergonomics, universal design, lighting, and green design.